There are many stories of big wins on bets on the network , but there are much fewer sad stories about losses. It makes sense, because no one will brag about epic failures, although players lose money more often than they win. But still, there are several interesting stories, so we will briefly review them and take out something useful from each failure

Biggest loss

The 2010 Football World Cup will be remembered by a German fan for a long time. He was so confident that Germany would reach the final that in the semifinal match he bet € 500,000 on the pass .

The Spaniards turned out to be stronger, who, thanks to a goal by Puyol, beat the Bundestim to a minimum. The self-confident fan of the national team has lost half a million euros.

Losing odds 1.07

A Barcelona fan bet £ 35k to win the home game against Real Sociedad. The hosts were the favorites, so the quotes for their win were 1.07, and for their opponent – about 10.0. To the surprise of the fans, the Catalans lost the least at their native Camp Nou – 0: 1.

Do not bet on scanty odds  – it is risky and unjustified. Analyze events. Even when studying the face-to-face confrontations of these teams, it becomes clear that Barcelona is always not easy to play against Real Sociedad. Before the victories in 2017, the last time the blue garnet won at a visit to San Sebastian was in 2007.

The biggest losses in bets

Pointless safety net

The Russian in 2007 put on the last round of the Premier League. CSKA players became champions ahead of schedule. The away game against Ray-Energy was a formality. The fan understood this and bet $ 66 thousand on the guests’ handicap +1.5.

Indeed, will the champion lose by two goals to the representative of the bottom of the table. It’s okay that the trip is long-distance, because the army team put up the main team. It turned out that it can. The hosts loaded 4 unanswered goals into the gates of the Muscovites. The result is 4: 0 and a senseless safety net in the form of a positive handicap.

Premature joy

A student from England collected an express train of 14 events and correctly predicted the outcome of each one. His joy knew no bounds when he learned of the £ 1.2 million prize. The guy worked as a bartender, so in honor of the victory he treated his friends and all the visitors to the bar.

The next day, he went to the bookmaker for the payment. It is difficult to imagine the young man’s disappointment when it became known that he had not won anything. It turned out that goals from both opponents were a prerequisite in the coupon. Carelessness robbed of a big win.

Mortgage to win

In the 2001/02 season, a Tottenham fan decided to show off in front of the girl and made a live bet on the victory of Londoners in the Manchester United match. After the first half, Spurs were leading 3: 0. In the second half of the game, a miracle happened – Manchester United did not just equalize, but struck the opponent’s goal 5 times. Outcome – 3: 5, lost home, girlfriend and love of football.


In losses, one can see the typical mistakes of beginners, eliminating which, the bettor will save the game bank:

  • financial management – allocate an amount for bets that you can painlessly lose. Bet no more than 5% of the bank and never go all-in;
  • analyze events – even the study of personal meetings will tell a lot. If you delve deeper into the analysis, you will notice how to give up most of the bets;
  • do not bet on scanty quotes – you cannot earn much at a coefficient of 1.1-1.3, but you can lose the amount of the transaction.

Learn from other people’s mistakes, not just yours. Analyze losses and find the cause of failures. I wish you success!