Which sports disciplines are best for betting and why. Betting on what sports bring the most profit to bettors.

The online gambling industry continues to grow rapidly. Betting also did not stand aside. The number of bookmaker companies is growing as the number of people willing to place a bet increases. Many beginners get lost in the variety of sports betting options offered by bookmakers. What kind of sport should you choose to increase your chances of making a stable profit from betting?

Expert opinion

It is generally accepted that it is profitable to bet on football matches. There is a rational kernel in this statement. Football is a game loved by millions of fans. Matches are constantly broadcast on the air, so it is easy to get an idea of ​​the chances of a particular team for success.

But experts do not share this confidence of betting fans. The fact is that the outcome of a football match is often decided by one scored goal. Therefore, there is a high probability of the influence of an accidentally scored goal on the outcome of the match. Having studied statistical data for several years, experts have established that more than 40 percent of the favorites’ fights ended in their defeat or a draw was recorded.

Quotes for top clubs to win over middle peasants and outsiders rarely exceed 1.50, even in 1xbet bq. Due to the scanty margin, this office offers the highest quotes. Experts regularly analyze the nuances of the work of bq 1xBet. Recently, a review examined one X-bet mirror . Experts do not recommend using mirrors, because they are regularly blocked, and sometimes fraudsters who steal passwords and personal data are disguised as mirrors.

What to bet on?

Experienced bettors recommend that beginners place bets on those sports in which high performance is noted:

  • hockey;
  •  basketball;
  • volleyball;
  •  handball.

In such fights, the influence of a randomly scored goal on the outcome of the fight is minimal. The team is the favorite, if it is in good condition, in most cases it proves its advantage. Even an accidentally scored goal, or scored several points in a row, can always be won back.

E-sports betting is gaining popularity. This discipline has not yet been fully studied by bookmakers. Bettors who are well versed in eSports can catch bookmakers on incorrectly set quotes for a fight.

bookmaker's office what is better to bet on

Novice players often ask themselves what kinds of sports it is best to bet on. More experienced players have already made their choice (most often this is the sport they are most familiar with). Unfortunately, there is no single answer or formula, otherwise everyone would have been millionaires for a long time, and the bookmakers were ruined. Each sport has its own advantages and disadvantages for betting, it’s simple, you need to study and understand each separately. Let’s try to figure out which sport is better to bet on .

It should be noted right away that the bookmaker employs people who understand all kinds of sports, only some are better, some are worse (most often these are little-known sports or virtual matches). Therefore, their errors in predictions of matches and compilation of odds can be minimal. There is no reason to hope for the incompetence of the bookmaker, for example, in the matches of the second divisions of African football leagues. However, the more popular the event, the more profitable it is to bet on it. And here it is not so much a sport that comes to the fore, but the fame and scale of a certain event.

Popular sports.

The more players bet on a single game, the lower the bookmaker’s margin. For example, the margins for the central matches of the Football Champions League are much lower than, for example, for the matches of the Austrian regular season. More people – more money – less margin. It’s simple. Therefore, making a profit from a popular event is much easier. True, there are some nuances here, such as the frequent underestimation of the coefficient for a leader’s victory or cutting the highs.

Limited range of tournaments. Often newcomers rush to bet on dozens of different championships in completely different sports. They still have no idea what kind of sport it is better to bet on, so they try themselves everywhere and often lose. More experienced bettors are gradually outlining several of the most profitable tournaments for themselves, in which they feel like a fish in water. Another piece of advice follows from thi

The sport you are good at.

It sounds trite, but you need to know not only on which site is better to bet on sports, but also to think – in which of the competitions do you have the most knowledge and experience? If the player is well versed in football (even, perhaps, has personal experience of the game), but does not follow tennis too muchand does not understand the intricacies of the game – it is better for him not to enter uncharted territory immediately. Of course, it’s always good to learn something new. But one should not go, as they say, with a saber bald into the jungle of an unfamiliar sport. So you can just lose half of your bank, or even more. It is much more useful to study the rules of the game, get acquainted with the statistics of the last five or seven years and follow the current situation. Having typed the necessary base, you can safely go for larger amounts. Another rule follows from this.